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The leader in rooftop delivery

FBR DenverTruck
FBR DenverTruck

All Fiberglass Frame

This great reduces the risk of accidental electrocutions.

Lighter in Weight

This reduces the stress and pressure on the turntable, which in turn gives longer life to the equipment

Structurally Strong and Durable

This conveyor is more flexible and forgiving than metal conveyors. It will “spring back” upon impact in most cases rather than bend or dent.

No Welding For Assembly or Repair

This conveyor is assembled using different types of fasteners, which make repairs easier and less expensive.

No Rust or Metal Fatigue

Fiberglass doesn’t rust. This greatly reduces the cost and time involved to repair metal fatigue or rust.

The leader in rooftop delivery

EXT 52 Travel
EXT 52 Travel
XHDRTH4000 Turntable


Extended length: 52 FEET|
Retracted length: 36 FEET

Long conveyor in Tight Spaces

The 36′ retracted length Conveyor can be mounted on a 24′ standard truck bed, which makes the EXT-52 one of the most versatile roofing conveyors in the market.

Patented Innovative Design

We pride ourselves in providing the best roofing conveyor design for more than 30 years.  The EXT-52 conveyor has an innovative design that is patented, making it one of a kind.

Reach higher roof tops

The 52′ reach on the EXT-52 roof conveyor easily outreaches any other roof conveyor.  The belt is operational at any length between 36′ and 52′.

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